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These are all miniatures that I have personally painted over the years. You can definitely see an improvement in technique and skill as you go further along in time.
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Year PaintedDescription of MinisCompany NameBrand NameArmy NameImages
1998Eldar minis - these were among the first miniatures I've painted, from back when I was in college and just starting outGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kEldar
2004One of the first minis I ever paintedGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kInquisition
2006Chaos Space MarinesGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kChaos Space Marines
2006Ultra Marine Land Raider - in progress and finished shotsGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kSpace Marines
2007Dark Angels Minis, including Grand MasterGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kSpace Marines
2007Space Marine army - started off as Ultra Marines, then slowly repainted into a red brown and pewter scheme to match my InquisitorGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kSpace Marines
2007Space Marine Ultramar Terminator ChaplainGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kSpace Marines
200740k - Tau armyGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kTau Empire
2007Tau BroadsidesGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kTau Empire
2008Imperial Guard Forgeworld Mecharius Vulcan, from package to fully paintedGames WorkshopForgeworldImperial Guard/Astra Militarum
2008A Morgoth Troll from Lord of the Rings, Return of the KingGames WorkshopLord of the RingsEvil
2008Imperial Guard army group shots. Starts off with yellow and blue Ultra Marine ally color scheme, then I repainted them to have a red brown and pewter color schemeGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kImperial Guard/Astra Militarum
2008Imperial Guard Sentinel, painted originally in a yellow and blue color scheme that was meant to be used with Ultra Marines army, but then repainted as a brown camoGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kImperial Guard/Astra Militarum
2008Series of pics of the Warhammer 40k Baneblades I paintedGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kImperial Guard/Astra Militarum
2008Custom built Ork Deff Dread - used a Space Marine Dread as base from building to painted and basedGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
2008Ork Battlewagons painted on commission, from assembled to paintedGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
2008Ork BoyzGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
2008Ork Deff KoptaGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
2008Ork Nob and others from the Ork army I used to haveGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
2008Ork Warboss on Bike - Commission - From assembly to paintedGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
200840k Scenery ManufactorumGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kScenery
2008Space Marine Assault SquadGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kSpace Marines
2008Reaper metal succubus and Tomb WraithReaper MiniaturesMetal MinisNone
2008Will have to look up what this one is called. Evil Bone Warrior?Reaper MiniaturesMetal MinisNone
2009Forgeworld Hector Rex & Retinue, plus 40k Banehammer Superheavy painted as his personal transportGames WorkshopForgeworldInquisition
2009Warhound Titan - These pictures chronicle the assembly and the painting of my old Warhound Titan. It went through a rebuild and repaint when the super glue holding it together broke apartGames WorkshopForgeworldTitans
2009Chaos Terminator LordGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kChaos Space Marines
200940k Superheavies - All of the super heavies and Warhound Titan in a group shotGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kImperial Guard/Astra Militarum
200940k Orks armyGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kOrks
200940k Scenery - Asteroid hitGames WorkshopWarhammer 40kScenery